USB Issues

USB issues can be caused by a bad cable, a bad printer/flipper, or a windows glitch. (It's almost always user damage to the printer's USB port)

Use the instructions on this page if the computer does not recognize the printer (the HDP5000 is greyed out in "Printers and Faxes"), or if an "unable to read settings" dialog box pops up when checking the driver settings.

If the USB cable is physically damaged, ask the customer what happened, and then REPLACE USB CABLE.

If the USB cable is not damaged, test the cable by swapping it with known-good cable. If the USB connection still isn't working with a good cable, test the printer. To test the USB port on the printer/flipper, first have the customer unplug everything from the printer/flipper, decouple it from the laminator, and lay the printer/flipper on its front. If the USB port appears to be bent towards the top of the printer, or the center of the port is missing and there is now just a hole, ask the customer what happened and then REPLACE PRINTER.

If the USB port on the printer does NOT look damaged, have the user restart her computer. Windows is terrible, and sometimes a resource conflict will cause the USB bus to stop working.

If the USB port and the printer look OK, swap the cable for a known-good cable. If the USB connection still doesn't work, REPLACE PRINTER.