What to do when the transfer film or ribbon has been torn or melted.

Remove the cassette. Tape one end back onto the other wherever it is convenient. Done.

If the film melts again your temperature may be off. It could be either way too high and melting through the film, or not high enough and sticking to the card.

Go into the driver and check the temperature on the image transfer tab. Make a note of the current temperature and click the default button. If the temperature changed more than a few degrees someone was messing around with it. Otherwise, try adjusting the temperature yourself. With the temperature and dwell time at default, it is more common that the film will stick to the card and tear than it is to be melted. With this in mind, adjust the temperature upwards in five degree increments until the film releases from the card body without tearing. It may also help to adjust the dwell time downwards slightly.