White or Black screen when attempting to capture an imageEdit

This problem occurs because JMF is unable to pull an image from the capture device. The resolutions to this issue are similar accross all camera types.

Deployable Cameras and D-70sEdit

For these cameras the problem lies with one of the three pieces of the image capture process, the Camera, Video Adapter, or JMF. The most common source of these problems is the Video Adapter, re-installation of which will fix a number of theses issues. If re-installation does not resolve the problem ensure that the Camera and related devices are connected correctly. If you are unable to install or re-install the adapter REPLACE ADAPTER.

If neither of those resolves the issue and you are working with a deployable camera, ensure that it is able to capture pictures independent of the workstation by disconecting the AV cable and by ensuring that it is in capture mode and using the capture button on the top of the camera. If it will not capture independent of the workstation REPLACE CAMERA.

If all of the above is successful there may be a problem with the capture devices in JMF. Ensure that the camera is plugged in and powered on and run jmfinit. If it is unable to detect a capture device it is most likely a problem with the video adapter so REPLACE ADAPTER.

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For the Videology the problem lies either with the camera or with the capture device in JMF. If you are able to test the camera through the driver start with JMF. We are unable to test Videologys through JMF but you can check whether the capture device has been set for it by checking the resolution in JMStudio. It should be set wo 1280x1024 if it has been set for the Videology. If there is no capture device or the setting is wrong run JMFinit.

If you are unable to test the camera through the driver it may need to be (re-)installed. Ensure that it is connected properly and run the install.bat. If it will not install see Videology will not install

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