Error 122: Check Film

The card is stuck in the flipper.

If the card is stuck leaving the flipper to go into the laminator, check the exit rollers on the printer. They should look like the picture 1. Notice where the cards come out in picture 2. The two metal rollers above the card path are sprung downward. If they move too freely (compare to a good one), or are crooked or missing, REPLACE PRINTER.

If those rollers look OK and the adhesive cleaning card(s) have not helped, the printer/flipper and laminator need to be adjusted. The problem is that the first card roller in the laminator is effectively one card-length away from the last card rollers in the flipper. If the laminator is seperated at the top from the flipper even a little bit, the cards will not reach the first roller in the laminator and a jam will occur.

Things to try:

  • Install the thumbscrew(s).
  • Loosen the thumbscrews and wiggle the laminator against the printer/flipper, try to push it a little closer.
  • Make sure the table is flat and not sagging in the middle.
  • Squeeze the laminator and printer/flipper together with a hug.
  • Put a magazine or something similar under the input end of the printer or the output end of the laminator.
IMG 0408

Pic1: Flipper exit

If the card is stuck entering the flipper from the printer, run an adhesive cleaning card through. Start > Printers & Faxes > Right-click on the 5000 > Printing Preferences > Toolbox button > Clean Printer tab. Make sure if your site only has one-sided adhesive cards to run another through facing the other direction. If, after cleaning, the cards still jam when entering the flipper from the printer, REPLACE PRINTER.
IMG 0409

Pic2: Flipper exit with card

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