If you install a different kind of printer on a DBIDS 4.0 workstation you need to make a change to the DBIDS application configuration.

Once you have it installed, open D:\DMDC\DBIDS\GeneralWorkstation if it is a WKS or D:\DMDC\DBIDS\GateWorkstation if it is an ACP.

Open the file DMDC.DBIDS.Shell.EXE.config, it should open in a text file. Ensure that word wrap is on.

What you are looking for is a line that says DBIDS Printer Configuration. It should be about 12 lines down.

On that line there is a space to list a laser printer and a card printer. At this point, copy and paste the name of the printer from Printers and Faxes between the quotation marks after the appropriate type of printer.

Save the file and you are done.


The process for a legacy workstation is broadly similar but the specific locations are different.